There are consequences for calculated PR. The current catastrophe unfolding in India is one of them.
Diplomacy on speed.
She is considered the "single most powerful instrument for whipping up anti-Muslim violence" in India.
Israel mourns the death of India's top-general Bipin Rawat.
The letter is important because it comes at a time when criticism of Israel in India is a rarity.
India hosts country's flagship arms expo in city named after Gandhi.
More than 50 Palestinians, including 15 children, killed in latest attack on the Gaza Strip.
Announcing ‘Hostile Homelands: The New Alliance Between India and Israel’
Let me explain.
Israel is helping dismantle whatever little is left of India's democracy. With consent.
Today, an Indian and Israeli flag fly alongside each other at Haifa Port.
Also, Israeli PM Naftali Bennett is headed to India in April to celebrate 30 years of India-Israel ties.