There are consequences for calculated PR. The current catastrophe unfolding in India is one of them.
Diplomacy on speed.
Israel mourns the death of India's top-general Bipin Rawat.
Israel is helping dismantle whatever little is left of India's democracy. With consent.
Let me explain.
On vaccines, India's votes at the UN Human Rights Council & conducting surgeries in Mumbai from Tel Aviv.
Apple, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs and the tech elite among the Indian diaspora will be there, too.
Also, Israeli PM Naftali Bennett is headed to India in April to celebrate 30 years of India-Israel ties.
With India, Israel, the UAE and the US now working so closely, they are only likely to borrow more from each other.
India has started manufacturing Israeli rifles in its own backyard.
5 things you need to know about these drones.
India-Israel water programs, Israeli arms exports on the up and a virtual discussion on Kashmir and Palestine.